Alexander Stilwell

Survival Techniques

Survival Techniques takes you through all the things you need to know about surviving disasters and staying alive in the wild, such as where to find water in the desert; how to build shelters from locally available materials that will keep out the wind and rain but will also be ventilated; what plants are safe to eat and what are deadly poisonous; and what animals will pose a threat in survival situations.

In addition to the informative text, Survival Techniques is packed with 150 line diagrams that provide a step-by-step guide to mastering survival situations. Surviving in the wilderness is one thing, but the ultimate aim is to get back to civilisation, and so the book contains valuable chapters on navigation techniques and when and how to travel through hostile terrain.

Alongside chapters on wilderness, first aid, making tools and preserving food in the wild, Survival Techniques also has sections that deal with surviving natural disasters. This book is mandatory reading for those wishing to survive all that nature can throw at them.
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    Insects are a valuable source of protein and can be found in moist, shady spots, e.g. under rocks, in caves, etc. Take care, since scorpions, snakes and spiders will also shelter in these areas. Remove wings and barbed legs f

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