Wallace Kelly

Spirit Guides And Healing Energy

If you want to travel a spiritual path of true success and healing then you need to learn to heal, cleanse, strengthen, and work with the various forms of energy available to you. That's why I've combined all three of my energy work books into one:

— Contacting Your Spirit Guides — Meeting and Working with Your Invisible Helpers

— Energy Work — Heal, Cleanse, and Strengthen Your Aura

— Chakra Energy — Heal, Cleanse, and Balance Your Energy Centers

It may seem overwhelming when you imagine being able to communicate with your very own spirit guides, create an aura that attracts love and success, and balance your chakras for optimal health and energy. My goal has always been to take these esoteric subjects and make them simple to understand and easy to incorporate into your life. All you need is a few minutes each day to practice these quick and enjoyable exercises.

I'm confident that after you go through this book you'll have a better idea of who you are, how to make your life better, and how you can finally overcome life's obstacles and manifest your every desire. Very soon you'll be able work with your various energy paths to gain love, success, health, wealth, and happiness!
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