Jane Bonander

Fires of Innocence

A single act of kindness may lead to her greatest loss, or the greatest love she’s ever known in this enthralling romance set in California’s Old West.
California, 1867. The wilderness of Yosemite Valley is no place to be caught alone. When Scotty MacDowell rescues a wounded stranger from a fierce blizzard, she is thinking only of saving a lost traveler. She never expects she’s nursing a passionate lover back to health.
Seven months later, Alex Golovin returns to Scotty’s tiny cabin in the wilderness, but not to take her back into his arms. Instead of the man she loved, Alex returns as an angry lawyer, determined to run Scotty off of her beloved land. Caught between passion and responsibility, Scotty and Alex endure a daily struggle to stay true to their hearts, no matter the cost.
“Everything a lover of romance could ask for and more.” —Penelope Williamson, author of The Outsider
“Jane Bonander reaches to her readers’ hearts.”—RT Book Reviews
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Дата публікації оригіналу
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