David C. Price

The Master Key to China

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The master key to China is based on David Clive Price's experience of advising many Asian and Western companies on their business strategies in China and of setting up his own company in Hong Kong and China. Readers of this book will learn how to: identify the business etiquette, cultures and business customs of China and of its diverse markets; leverage local knowledge to create strong relationships based on trust and credibility; learn vital networking and negotiation skills across China's diverse markets; target global brands and products for China's cities and provinces; become an inspirational leader of a culturally diverse China team. With this second book in his innovative Master Key Series, David Clive Price offers a clear path to transforming your company's abilities to seize the opportunities of the Asian Century.
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    the other hand, giving face is highly recommended, and this can be achieved through such simple means as complimenting a city for its modernity, admiring some local cultural exhibit or architecture, and by making concessions before, during and often after negotiations. If you adopt a tough, take-it-or-leaveit approach in China, you are unlikely to succeed.
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    Better than that, he possesses the talents of a skilled negotiator and mediator.
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    Rather than try to learn Chinese in any depth at first, pick up some simple local phrases and expressions that can be dropped into conversation as an ice-breaker: such as normal courtesies and greetings, as well as an occasional sayings that everyone will recognise.

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