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Change Your Life with NLP

This book is for anyone looking to take his or her life to a new level, whether it is personal life, professional or sport. The book is also an excellent guide for anyone learning NLP The difference between succeeding and having a fruitful career, and an amazing life is minimal. Being consistent with our actions. Becoming the best we can be in every area of our life. By transferring these same skills and principles and mind set that many of the world's best athletes and sports people use to be at the top of their game to people in every day life to help fulfil their potential. Anything is possible. Results in sport depend crucially on your ability to use your mind effectively. Many elite athletes say the mental aspects of sport make the difference between being a champion or not. As little as 1% can be the difference between being a champion and being ranked 50th in the world! In the game of life the margins of greatness and mediocrity are also minimal. This book can help you discover you're potential and obtain your dreams. You don't need to settle for anything less than what you want or what your want to be. The book is full of practical exercises on how to use your mind more effectively. To gain more success in your life, get the best out of yourself in every aspect of your life. Fulfil your potential.
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    Six Logical Levels
    LevelQuestions corresponding to logical levels
    This can be viewed as your connection to a wider purpose. What is your sense of purpose on a personal level? Why are you here? What

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