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Summary: The Richest Man in Babylon George S. Clason

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This work offers a summary of the book “THE RICHEST MAN IN BABYLON: Success Secrets of the Ancients” by George S. Clason.

The Richest Man in Babylon is composed of a collection of parables all taking place in the ancient city of Babylon. The main message of The Richest Man in Babylon is that ahead of any person lies their future with ambitions and dreams and, to fulfill those ambitions and realize those dreams, people need to learn how to be successful with money. This book gives precious guidance and presents basic principles of effective money management.

George Clason also tells the story of different characters that need to manage household finance. Through these experiences, the reader can identify himself with the situation. Indeed, even if the story happens in ancient times, it contains wisdom which applies to any time in history.

The Richest Man in Babylon, described as “the mostinspiring book on wealth ever written”, is a valuable book for businesspeople, even more specifically for those willing to learn the basics. But it is also very handy for those seeking to acquire timeless financial principles that can help their business thrive.
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    ok, I will save at least %10 of my income aside , %90 for investments..


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    Money represents success only through its ability to provide freedom to do things
    Dariia Yuzhakovaцитуєторік
    There are two kinds of learning that are useful to anyone seeking to generate wealth - learning about specific subjects and learning how to find out what is not commonly known about any topic. Both kinds of learning are useful and valuable.
    Dariia Yuzhakovaцитуєторік
    Money represents success only through its ability to provide freedom to do things. It is not an end in and of itself - only a means to an end. The possession of sufficient amounts of capital makes possible the enjoyment of the very best services and goods the world has to offer.

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