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Anthony Ekanem

Sex Tricks Every Man Should Master

The main aim of this material is to give you a summarized version of 10 different things you should know and do in order to give you and your partner an unforgettable experience each time you are making love.

In this book, you will learn things like:

The Five Different Categories of Foreplay

The Difference Between Linear and Non-linear Foreplay

Foreplay Tips to turn her on Erogenous zone on your partner's body and become a master in the art of foreplay

Kissing techniques that will leave your partner wanting more.

How to find the G-spot and apply the right techniques to make your partner orgasm

The sex positions that are best for achieving clitoral and/or vaginal orgasms

New and exotic yet practical sex positions that will be enjoyable for both you and your partner

Cunnilingus Techniques that will drive your partner wild and begging you for more

Cunnilingus Exercises and positions to perform like a pro
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Anthony Ekanem
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    ome women like their clitoris to be touched gently, while others prefer a more vigorous contact. If you are both new to it, read her body language for a sign of what you should do. After a few minutes, bring your mouth to the area and, while you continue to use your fingers to play around inside her, gently suck on her clitoris to give her some great oral pleasure.
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    allow your fingers to glide smoothly over the skin. Watch her reactions carefully and adjust the pressure accordingly.

    Kiss Her
    Most women will tell you that kissing is one of the most sensual sensations to experience. Concentrate on the mouth, neck, navel and inner-thighs – it will drive her wild!

    Gentle nibbles (not bites) can also drive your partner into ecstasy when combined with kissing or sucking on the targeted areas. Zone in on the earlobes as well as the back,
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    Foreplay can be divided into five categories as follows:

    1. Emotional Foreplay
    2. Mental Foreplay
    3. Practical Foreplay
    4. Self-Directed Foreplay
    5. Physical Foreplay

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