Jackie Waldman

People with MS with the Courage to Give

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Twenty-four individuals with multiple sclerosis share their stories—and deliver one inspiring message about overcoming adversity.
We don’t get to choose whether or not we have multiple sclerosis, but we do get to decide how we live with it. Author and MS warrior Jackie Waldman delivers a personal message of hope in these twenty-four tales of individuals who did the unthinkable, went against the grain, and proved that an MS diagnosis does not have to box you in.
Within these pages, you’ll meet individuals with MS symptoms—but that didn’t stop them from living their best life. You’ll meet Alicia Conill, an M.D. turned founder of The Disability Experience. You’ll also meet Anthony Zaremba, an employee almost fired because of his shaking hands, later recognized for his success in community gardens and Brooklyn wheelchair access. People with MS with the Courage to Give offers:Powerful stories that show how nervous system disorders don’t define youInspirational quotes to boost your self-esteem throughout the dayAdvice from people just like you who encourage you to do the impossible
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