What's Next? – Secrets of Beginning a Successful Real Estate Sales Career!, Michael Gray
Michael Gray

What's Next? – Secrets of Beginning a Successful Real Estate Sales Career!

This is a real estate sales guide for the newly licensed and newer licensed real estate sales person that is seeking guidance and clarity in creating a very successful real estate sales career. Written in an easy-to-comprehend style, you will learn what to embrace, what to avoid and how to manage your tools and talents to be the best in real estate sales.
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Any large ticket purchase, i.e., furniture, new car, vacation/trip/cruise, or college tuition payment will affect the ability of the buyer to secure that loan for the purchase of a property. Always advise your buyers to hold off from purchasing anything until after they have the keys and title to their purchase.
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Make some mistakes! Learn from them! Move on!
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Don’t live in regret. But, learn from the experience; forgive those that need forgiving and move on to new successes benefitting from what your learned.

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