Nicky Westen

The Ultimate Guide On Manufacturing Real Luck : Proven Strategies To Taking Control Of Your Life By Creating Your Own Luck!

On this book were going to be for exploring the art and science of being lucky! Luck has nothing to do with mysticism (that's another kind of luck covered in another book). The luck we're referring to is the kind about designing events and fortuitous circumstances where you are at the floodgates where Opportunities torrent through! Good things just effortlessly happen, out of nowhere! These lucky coincidences can be engineered and designed-- no mysticism nor magic is required! Generally people are considered lucky, if you can be in the right place and time. That's what were going to be talking about in great depth, in this book.  Table of ContentsIntroduction Luck is opportunity meeting preparation Maximize opportunities Playing the numbers game The long game Being at the right place, right time meeting the right people Fishing at the right pond Begging to take their money The value of teachers and mentors Taking action immediately! The friend of a friend of a friend Pulling the trigger Opportunities are fleeting Doing your homework Doing nothing also entails risk Talking yourself out of opportunities Preparations Emergency funds Opportunities and logistics Expanding your network Roles people play Getting better training Luck and positive thinking Open door policy Being Santa Claus Giving as a tactic The key people People skills Rapport skills Deep personal information Trance words Name- Music to their ears Breaking rapport to build rapport Paying attention Intuition Should we then listen to intuition all the time? Reticular Activation System Persistence Developing stronger resilience Resilience and positive attitude Reframing problems positively Changing beliefs and values Too rigid Original plans are not set in stone! Self-fulfilling prophecies Sob stories Limiting beliefs List down your self-limiting beliefs Action and risks Handling risks Motivation, passion and drive to succeed Sustaining the motivation
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