A Joosr Guide to A Brief History of Time by Stephen Hawking

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How would you like to know the inner workings of the universe? What could the world be like if we understood absolutely everything about our surroundings, from the tiniest molecule to the largest galaxies?

This kind of knowledge sounds impossible at first, but one day this dream may become a reality. In A Brief History Of Time, world-renowned physicist Stephen Hawking takes you on a journey through our universe, revealing fascinating secrets and wonders explored by generations of physicists-himself included. Written as an introduction to the world of physics, this book will show you how brilliant scientists around the world are working toward one purpose: a complete and total understanding of our universe.

You will learn:

· What we need to discover to make time travel possible

· Why the universe's greatest mysteries remain unsolved

· How Albert Einstein changed the way we think about space and time.
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    Determinism is the idea that if we can figure out how the entire universe works, we’ll know enough to predict the future—and perhaps even predict the behavior of humans.
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    there are only two kinds of particles found in it: particles that make up matter, and particles that carry force.
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    wormhole”—a hypothetical passage that can act a shortcut across spacetime between two locations.

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