Cody Lindley

Front-end Developer Handbook 2017

The resources and tools for learning about the practice of front-end development in 2017. Written by Cody Lindley, sponsored by Frontend Masters.
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    Don't learn jQuery, learn the DOM. Don't learn SASS, learn CSS. Don't learn HAML, learn HTML. Don't learn CoffeeScript, learn JavaScript. Don't learn Handlebars, learn JavaScript ES6 templates. Don't just use Bootstrap, learn UI patterns.
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    Learn, roughly, how the web works. Make sure you know the "what" and "where" of Domains, DNS, URLs, HTTP, networks, browsers, servers/hosting, JSON, data APIs, HTML, CSS, DOM, and JavaScript.
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    Content Management Systems (aka CMS)
    Cross-Browser Testing
    Cross-Platform Testing
    Unit Testing
    Cross-Device Testing
    Accessibility / WAI-ARIA
    Search Engine Optimization (aka SEO)
    Interaction or User Interface Design
    User Experience
    E-commerce Systems
    Portal Systems
    CSS Layout / Grids
    DOM Manipulation (e.g., jQuery)
    Mobile Web Performance
    Load Testing
    Performance Testing

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