Alison Waines

The Self-Esteem Journal

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Do you lack confidence and never feel really happy? Do you wish you could stop judging yourself all the time and get on with your life? If so, this book will teach you simple techniques to boost your self-esteem and bring lasting results. By starting your own self-esteem journal, you can not only understand more about yourself, but learn how to give yourself the compassion, respect, acceptance and support you deserve. There are 45 stimulating exercises which invite you to explore how you truly feel about your life and examine the behaviours and beliefs that may be holding you back.
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    In writing we will be following an idea or train of thought to its conclusion through making sentences, whereas thoughts in themselves are often incomplete and fragmented.
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    Once you stop obsessing over a problem and clear it from your mind on to paper, you create a space where your energy can flow into a more productive examination of the problem. As a result, writing can be much more effective in reaching solutions than by purely dwelling on a problem.
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    When you place your thoughts and feelings on to paper, you are also physically separating from them. They are no longer inside your head, but in front of you on the page. This detachment often leads to a fresh way of seeing your situation. You may notice patterns of behaviours which take you to a deeper level of understanding and then you can begin to look at your options and choices within problematic situations.

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