Damon Lundqvist

Conflicting Views

One of the most important lessons that can be learned by anyone operating in any position in life is how to face and cope with conflicts in a manner that is constructive, edifying, and results in trust and closeness within the pair or group at hand. Learning the skills you need to face things head on and with wisdom and self-control, which in turn will keep any confrontation calm, directed, and away from intimidation and violence.You are able to acquire the tools you need to rid the space around you of the problems that drag everyone down, breeding strife, failures, resentments, and chaos, both in the workplace and in your daily life. The following article will offer you the life-changing truths and practices you need to change your surroundings, circumstances, and end results for the better of you and those around you.=================TABLE OF CONTENTS=================Critical Conflicts DefinedKeeping Silent Or Becoming ViolentDetermine The Problem And Decide If You Will ActIs There A Problem, And What Is It Specifically?Okay, There’S A Problem. Should I Confront The Individual About The Issue?Disassemble The DilemmaDetermine The Source Of Your Discomfort.Narrow It Down Clearly.Content, Pattern, Relationship (Cpr)Content ©Pattern §Relationships ®Untying The KnotsWantsConsequencesIntentionsWhat “If”?Are My Thoughts Saying I Can Do Nothing To Change Things?Can My Concerns Be Seen In My Actions?Am I Going To Be Silent Just To Be Safe?Has My Conscience Been Getting To Me?If This Is Happening, There Is A ReasonTalking When You Probably Shouldn’TControlling The ClimateThe Road To Real ChangeIdentify DifferencesCreate An Atmosphere Of Security.Bring Up Your Own Background.Ask Questions To Close The Beginning…Use The Situation To Get Things Moving!Tailor Your Techniques To Fit The CircumstancesWrap Things Up RightPeople Get Moving If They Have To Pay.Talk About The Difference Between Imposed And Natural Consequences.
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