Robin Sacredfire

Shadows of the Illuminati: The Religious, Financial and Political Beliefs of the Secret Government & The New World Order Conspiracy

The religious background of the Illuminati varies according to their world views and how history is seen, from which perspective is compiled, and although we may tend to simplify complexities within our mind, by placing collected information in the same box, it isn’t the easiest way to reach conclusions, and much less the truth. Today, the ones claiming to be part of a specific group self-entitled Illuminati can be traced back in history to the Knights Templar, the Pythagorean Brotherhood, the Gnostics, the Luciferian and Pagan traditions, and many, many more. The body of knowledge encompasses a huge amount of scientific truths kept hidden for thousands of years, and found in its entire body in the Vedic scriptures, the Egyptian schools of mysteries and even in the ancient Atlantic beliefs, which for many remain very alive today. Now, although for those in the darkness, the non-illuminated ones, the ignorant masses, it would be easier to divide the world in two parts, and place the illuminated ones in one category alone, I must stress that such would be naive and dangerous. We have to remember that, even though the nazis were, to a great extent, members of a secret society, the Thule Society, which most beliefs were incorporated in what we know today as Nazism, they did persecute many other societies that we still place in the same lineage of concepts known as being related to the Illuminati, namely, Freemasonry, Rosicrucianism, Gnosticism and more. And they did this with full support of the Vatican, which, supposedly, should be following an opposite religious direction.

The question we can then ask, if we wish to comprehend why such things happened, is why these societies, sharing the same background, oppose one another. And the answer is as important today as it has always been before. Because, you see, although I’m a member of many religious societies and don’t see a reason to play this game, I can’t truly understand why so many do it, or how to explain to the ones doing why they shouldn’t. I have met many Rosicrucians opposing Freemasonry, many Freemasons fearing Scientology, many Gnostics claiming supremacy over any of those groups, and even Scientologists believing that their belief system is unique and supreme, and this while some of the Christians that I’ve personally encountered dig deep into their bible and find similarities between Christianity and the beliefs of the Egyptian philosophies, and yet refuse to place the body of knowledge under the same light, due to prejudice and the need to have a common enemy. In other words, we’re still very far from realizing that we’re not truly fighting a real battle, but merely opposing one another, fearing our own shadows and delaying our progress as human beings. The truth is that many of the founders and most well-known figures of these societies have tried to create a parallelism between all, and instead of placing themselves at the top of a hierarchy. It is the deceptive few inside these groups that confuse the fundaments and shift the paradigms towards a war scenario between good and evil. In reality, the real illuminated ones, live and always lived beyond this duality, with their eyes in a future that unites us under the same God, the same rules and the same order, not to favor a few but everyone.
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