Samantha Michaels

Samantha Michaels has spent years helping people overcome health challenges, lose weight and reach ideal health goals while enjoying good and healthy food. She is an author of numerous health books and provide amazing yet very healthy recipes everyone can enjoy. She loves food and spends most of her time helping people address diet challenges by teaching them to cook the right meals. Her diet programs have helped a lot of people lose weight in a smart, practical way and she lives what she preaches that you do not have to get hungry while on a diet.


For example, if you wish to make a frozen seafood chowder or a frozen shrimp stew, you prepare and cook the stew without the seafood. The reason is simple - any seafood tends to become tough when overcooked. After cooking the stew, cool it down before freezing it separately from the seafood. You only add the seafood when you are ready to serve the meal. You add it as the last stage of your cooking
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It can be very difficult to get your children to eat healthy and in some cases, they refuse to eat anything except for macaroni & cheese, spaghetti, pizza, and peanut butter.
Menna Abu Zahraцитує2 роки тому
The good news is that with our recipes you can learn to create dishes the family will enjoy including the kids.


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Отличная книга о том, как шаг за шагом наладить отношения с едой. Кратко, но очень информативно👍🏻

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