Stuart McHardy

Scotland the Brave Land

From bold heroines to clan battles, standing stones to castles, there is hardly any aspect of Scotland's heritage that does not feature in our storytelling traditions. This collection of stories from all parts of Scotland, and from all periods of our dramatic — and often truly heroic — history is both an introduction to and a journey into Scotland's rich cultural heritage. Covering the same themes as Disney-Pixar's new fairytale film, Brave, this book provides the next step for those wishing to delve deeper into Scotland's culture and traditions.BACK COVER: There is not a stream or a rock that does not have its story. STUART McHARDY With the release of Disney-Pixar's 'Brave' the world's attention is being drawn to Scotland and its fascinating history. But 'Brave' merely scrapes the surface of Scotland's rich story-telling culture. This collection of tales is the next step for anyone wishing to look further into the traditions of Scotland. These enchanting tales reflect the wide diversity of its heritage and there are few aspects of Scottish tradition that have escaped memorialisation in folklore.With its captivating, and often gruesome, tales of heroic warriors in battle, bold heroines, deceitful aristocracy, and supernatural creatures Brave Land is a journey into the cultural heritage of a nation and the folklore surrounding the creation of the breath-taking landscape of its country.Scotland the Brave Land provides the reader the perfect opportunity to delve a little deeper into the myths, legends and history of this truly mesmerising country.
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Luath Press
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