Donald Smith,Stuart McHardy

Arthur's Seat

Arthur's Seat is climbed (or walked up and around) by thousands of people each year. The views from the top of the 350-million year old landmark are breathtaking. In this book, Stuart McHardy and Donald Smith interweave the tales of folklore and customs that surround this iconic hill. Review Draws on folklore tales and real life stories to create a unique walkers' guide to the famous ridges, crags and valleys that make up the hill. EDINBURGH EVENING NEWS Back Cover: Standing in the Hunter's Bog with the Salisbury Crags to the west, Dasses to the east and the great summit crag rising above, you could be deep in the Highlands. There is no sight and very little sound of the modern cityscape all around. STUART McHARDY Arthur's Seat, rising high above the Edinburgh skyline, is the city's most awe-inspiring landmark Although thousands climb to the summit every year, its history remains a mystery, shrouded in myth and legend. Quickly and suddenly we lose the sense of ciy. Through the park is now surrounded by Edinburgh, it still retains a sense of wildness. DONALD SMITH The first book of its kind, Arthur's Seat: Journeys and Evocations is a salute to the ancient tradition of storytelling, guiding the reader around Edinburgh's famous 'Resting Giant' with an exploration of the local folklore and customs associated with the mountain-within-a-city. Inspired by NVA's Speed of Light, a major event in Edinburgh's International Festival and the country-wide Cultural Olympiad, Journeys and Evocations brings together past and future in a perspective of the Edinburgh landscape like no other. A place where time does not pass but simply adds up. ROBERT GARIOCH
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