Donald Smith,Stuart McHardy

Calton Hill

Lord Cockburn, Victorian defender of Edinburgh's beauties, describes Calton Hill as 'the Glory of Edinburgh'. 'It presents us,' enthused Cockburn, 'with the finest prospects both of its vicinity and the city… it is adorned by beautiful buildings dedicated to science and to the memory of distinguished men. 'Following on from the success of Arthur's Seat, the Journeys and Evocations series continues with a look at the events and folklore surrounding Edinburgh's iconic Calton Hill. Standing only 338 ft (103m) high, this small hill offers a fascinating view of Edinburgh both literally and historically. The book brings together prose, poetry and photographic images to explore the Calton Hill's role in radical nationalist politics through the centuries as well as taking a look at the buildings, philosophy and intrigue of a central part of Edinburgh's landscape. Two of the city's leading storytellers, Donald Smith, director of the Scottish Storytelling Centre… and historian and writer Stuart McHardy, have sifted through the centuries to compile the remarkable guide to Edinburgh's famous landmark. EDINBURGH EVENING NEWS on Arthur's Seat.
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