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Peter Lynch

That's Maths

From atom bombs to rebounding slinkies, open your eyes to the mathematical magic in the everyday. Mathematics isn't just for academics and scientists, a fact meteorologist and blogger Peter Lynch has spent the past several years proving through his Irish Times newspaper column and blog, That's Maths.Here, he shows how maths is all around us, with chapters on the beautiful equations behind designing a good concert venue, predicting the stock market and modelling the atom bomb, as well as playful meditations on everything from coin-stacking to cartography. If you left school thinking maths was boring, think again!
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    The term ‘Chaos Game’ was coined by Michael Barnsley, who developed this ingenious technique for generating mathematical objects called fractals. The Chaos Game is a simple algorithm that identifies one point in the plane at each stage. The sets of points that ultimately emerge from the procedure are remarkable for their intricate structure. The relationship between the algorithm and fractal sets is not at all obvious because there is no evident connection between them. This element of surprise is one of the delights of mathematics.
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    rossing a road, you observe oncoming traffic, estimate its speed and time to arrive, reckon the time needed to cross, compare the two and decide whether to walk or to wait.

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