Dale Carnegie

How to Enjoy Your Life and Your Job

How to Enjoy Your Life and Your Job will help you create a new approach to life and people and discover talents you never knew you had. This bestseller shows you how to make every day more exciting and rewarding—how you can get more done, and have more fun doing it. Dale Carnegie's time-tested advice will help you to:
• Make other people feel important
• Avoid unnecessary tension
• Get people to say yes
• Turn routine tasks into stimulating opportunities 
• Smile in the face of criticism
A life-changing book that has helped people around the world, 'How to Enjoy your Life and Your Job' is your key to achieving success in your professional and personal life.
Dale Carnegie (1888–1955) was an American writer and lecturer and the developer of famous courses in self-improvement, salesmanship, corporate training, public speaking and interpersonal skills.
He was born in an impoverished family in Maryville, Missouri. Carnegie harbored a strong love and passion for public speaking from a very early age and was very proactive in debate in high school. He went to the Warrensburg State Teachers College and later onwards became a salesman for Armour and Company in Nebraska. He also moved to New York in the pursuit of a career in acting and gave classes in public speaking at the Young Men's Christian Association.
During the early 1930's, he was renowned and very famous for his books and a radio program. When 'How to Win Friends and Influence People' was published in 1930. It became an instant success and subsequently became one of the biggest bestsellers of all time. It sold more than 10 million copies in many different languages. He also began work as a newspaper columnist and formed the Dave Carnegie Institute for Effective Speaking and Human Relations, with several branches globally.
Carnegie loved teaching others to climb the pillars of success. His valuable and tested advice was used in many domains and has been the inspiration of many famous people's success. One of the core ideas in his books is that it is possible to change other people's behavior by changing one’s reaction to them. The most famous and cited maxims in the book are "Believe that you will succeed, and you will," and "Learn to love, respect and enjoy other people."
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    Baurzhan Dembergenovділиться враженнямторік

    I follow some of the advice for sure

    Manvi Gandotraділиться враженнямторік

    Keys to a happy life described so simply in this book. Must read


    Anna Prusakovaцитує6 місяців тому
    You are something new in this world. Be glad of it. Make the most of what nature gave you. In the last analysis, all art is autobiographical. You can sing only what you are. You can paint only what you are. You must be what your experiences, your environment, and your heredity have made you. For better or for worse, you must cultivate your own little garden.
    Rahma Khairinaцитує8 місяців тому
    Find Yourself and Be Yourself: Remember, There is No One Else on Earth Like You
    b7432436067цитує9 місяців тому
    Truly, we are “fearfully and wonderfully” made.

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