rodney cannon

Dealing with Mental Illness

Mental Illness like all other illnesses can be treated and if not cured then it certainly can be managed.


This two-volume book will explore the causes, effects, treatments and possible cures for two of the most well-known mental ailments, Bipolar Disorder and Depression.


In BOOK ONE, Dealing with Bipolar Disorder, we will look at one of the most misunderstood illnesses Bipolar Disorder.

In BOOK TWO, Depression Dealing with Depression, we will explore the causes and treatments for Depression.

Mental health issues are perhaps the most overlooked medical condition that affects the average person and you cannot overcome this problem until you learn to first recognize it. In this book, you will learn the signs of these mental illnesses, the possible causes, and treatments. You can find help for yourself and or for those whom you care for.
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