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On Making A Found Footage Film

After almost two decades the first guide dedicated solely to the making of a found-footage film has arrived. In this book, you will be offered clear advice on how to write, direct and produce a quality found footage film. Advice coming from over half a dozen young filmmakers who are in post-production of their films as this book is being published.

On Making a Found Footage Film is more than a how-to guide it is a call to refocus and redesign a genre of filmmaking. To take if from a sub-genre of horror films into comedy, action, suspense and straight drama. There is no limit to what the found-footage film can become in the hands of inventive new film-makers.

Back in the 1970's the first true experiment in the genre of Found Footage, Cannibal Holocaust, shocked the world, but it would be the arrive of The Blair Witch Project in the year 1999 that would change the world of filmmaking forever. Since then this subgenre has grown in popularity if not quality. Films such as Paranormal Activity, Rec, Rec 2 and The Visit show that if done right these films can be both profitable and effective. This book features an interview with the film-makers behind Found Footage 3D a film that may again allow the genre to reach an entirely new audience. If you want a understand the basics of what goes into producing a Found Footage film this is the book to start with.

I also invite you to take this genre to the next level by filming Comedies and Dramas along with Horror films. Anything is possible. Filmmaking is the art of recording dreams. If you can dream it then you can film it.
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