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The Micro Budget Filmmaking Collection

The Best Selling Indie film making manuals. The books On Low Budget Film Making, On, Writing A Low Budget Screenplay and On Making A Found Footage Film all in one book.

Featuring dozen of interviews with a whole new generation of micro budget film makers along with hands on advice on every aspect of film making in this new DSLR age. This set of books will take you from crafting a low budget screenplay straight through to post production.

There is no one better on earth to learn the ins and outs of micro budget filmmaking than those who are in the trenches doing it on a day to day basis. You will pick up so much useful information from the interviews done with these filmmakers in On Low Budget Filmmaking.

People for decades have said if you want to get started in the film industry you need to write a low budget screenplay. Great, but no one bothered to tell you how to do this. Well, I have. In my book On Writing a Low Budget Screenplay, I teach you the basic rules and concepts to aid you in crafting a low to micro budget screenplay. I believe that a quality screenplay can to crafted with a budget of fewer than ten thousand dollars in mind. This book is not only going to teach you to focus on the budget but to create a compelling character. This book will make you a better screenwriter. With the rules, you learn you will be able to craft a strong screenplay at any budget level.

The Found Footage film is never going away. I realized this a while a go so I spent over a year studying these films and interview dozens of film makers who have made Found Footage films, including the guys behind Found Footage 3D, and tried to put the lessons that they learned all into one book. If you wish to make a Found Footage film then my book On Making A Found Footage Film is a must read.

You can enjoy all three books in one collection.
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