Jim Blythe

100 Great PR Ideas. From leading companies around the world

Are you looking for a great idea or some inspiration to make your PR and promotions more effective and cutting edge? This book contains 100 great PR ideas, extracted from the world’s best companies.Ideas provide the fuel for individuals and companies to create value and success. Indeed the power of ideas can even exceed the power of money. One simple idea can be the catalyst to move markets, inspire colleagues and employees, and capture the hearts and imaginations of customers. This book can be that very catalyst. Each PR idea is succinctly described and is followed by advice on how it can be applied to the reader’s own business situation. A simple but potentially powerful book for anyone seeking new inspiration and that killer application.
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    Laura Garciaцитує2 роки тому
    Forcing opponents into a negative position provides you with an immediate advantage in establishing your own credibility in the minds of your publics. Unless your opponents are very slick, you will have gained the high ground.
    vbantikahцитує2 роки тому
    THERE IS AN old saying that it is better to have your enemies inside the tent p***ing out than outside the tent p***ing in.
    Maria Al Makahlehцитує5 років тому
    We don’t necessarily do everything we can to please people, either: sometimes we have to agree to differ, and simply show ourselves to be fair-minded.

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