Amy Zulpa

A Guide to Minimalism

“A Guide to Minimalism” gives an introduction to the lifestyle known as minimalism. It is a lifestyle that many are choosing as they make an attempt to get out of the consumerist mainstream. It can be extremely hard to balance work, family and other activities plus maintain a status quo set by what is trending. The minimalist has none of these challenges. The life is simple yet functional. So much more can be achieved as a minimalist, which is why so many yearn for the lifestyle but somehow do not know how to get there.
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    Un buen libro corto que trata muchos temas y, aunque no profundiza tanto en ellos, da una buena idea general de lo que es el minimalismo.

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    ckrakozyabraцитує22 дні тому
    There is no rush to see everything; it is all about enjoying the things you do see with the people you see them with. Memories are made from experiences and conversations, not from waiting in line to get on a rollercoaster or posing for pictures in front of the pretty fountain.
    ckrakozyabraцитує22 дні тому
    So many people who go on vacation feel the need to race from one photo opportunity to another, from museum to monument to excursion and never actually get a chance to relax.
    ckrakozyabraцитує23 дні тому
    Clutter is acquired by being in the mindset of needing more instead of having enough.

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