Ankit Srivastava

Social Media: Marketing & Branding

Before you invest your time in this book, you should find the answers to the following questions;
How can this book help you get a job? Why not study online? Why this book?

Social Media Marketing and Digital Branding are one of the top 15 in-demand skills for getting a job in 2019–20, along with Content Marketing and Influencer Marketing. A complete module is dedicated to getting you a job. In this book, you’ll get a Career Guide for Digital Marketing Jobs, CV templates, Chapter-Wise Interview Questions, and a Guide on Personal Branding for getting better jobs. Completing this book will get you an exclusive certificate in Digital Campaign Design and will prepare you to directly appear for Facebook™, Twitter™, Hootsuite™ and HubSpot™ certifications. While most online course and blogs concentrate on quick tips to use digital tools and platforms.
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