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Struggling to survive and escape the preying hands of a narcissist? Want to find a solution to your emotional trauma? Or do you want to learn how to deal with narcissists in your daily life?

The truth is… We all sometimes feel like we are not good enough in a relationship. But if you always feel as though as to be in fault then you need to take a step back and evaluate whether a person in your life is a narcissist.

For you to be able to survive and escape the preying hands of narcissists, you should be in a position to dissect narcissism into small pieces. With proven psychological concepts and models, you'll understand how narcissism works and how to deal with narcissistic personalities. And that's what you learn in Narcissist.

The goal of this book is simple: help you to overcoming narcissism and escaping from a narcissistic relationship with a step by step approach. It provides a sure proof strategy to escape the hands of a narcissist and never be captured again.

Here's just a tiny fraction of what you'll discover:

-A Tailored Strategy to Help you Deal with any Narcissistic Abuse Situation

-Tips and Tricks to Escape Narcissistic Relationships

-Proven Strategies to Help you Heal from all Narcissistic Abuse Wounds

-Why Doing what you Think is Right to do, Actually Feed the Narcissist, and What to do Instead

-Most Common Tactics that Narcissists Use to Abuse and Control Other People

-How to Start a Relationship After Being Under Narcissistic Abuse

-What to Do When You can't Completely Detach from a Narcissist (Yet)

-Why Dating After a Narcissistic Relationship Should not be Rushed

Narcissist is a book that gives you more than just regular information. You have probably come across a lot of books on narcissism that simply talk about the basics. Although this book is designed for those who do not know about narcissism, it gives you the real meat of the subject.

If you are in a narcissistic abuse relationship and you want to get out, if you have a friend or a relative who has been captured in a narcissistic relationship, this book is for you. Even if you just want to gain knowledge about narcissism and protect yourself from possible narcissistic abuse this book will help you.

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    You should be in a position to read people's motives and understand their intentions. You can protect yourself from being a victim of narcissism by sharpening your emotional intelligence skills. These skills will help you be able to read people and be in a position to control people.
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    You are the only one who knows the direction you want for your life. Do not let people's opinions and words have power over your choices again. Decide to go for it and pursue whatever you are chasing.
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    One of the important aspects of healing is being in a position to find direction in life again. You must rediscover your true life purpose and start pursuing it.
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