Lynn Gordon,Jessica Hurley

52 Calming Rituals

Give yourself the gift of relaxation. This favorite from the bestselling 52 series features fresh new artwork and an updated collection of relaxing self-care strategies. From doing a digital detox to getting more sunshine, use these 52 pages for constant calm.
RELAX THROUGHOUT THE YEAR: Choose one page a week for calm all year long, or pick a page whenever you need some relaxation in your life.
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    Dance therapy! Close your eyes and let your body express the rhythm of your favorite soothing music in any way it chooses.
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    Try walking down the street with a grin; you’ll brighten someone else’s day and improve your own, too.
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    Be of Service

    Helping others is helping yourself. Give a gift to someone, write a thankyou note, listen to a friend’s dilemma, or hold the door for a stranger. You may be surprised how much a small act of generosity can brighten your outlook, lighten your load, and shift your perspective.

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