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Catherine Berry,Sue Pemberton

Fighting Fatigue

This practical manual comes from a nationally recognized centre for CFS/ME and is jointly written by health professionals and their patients. They give straightforward and specific expert advice, accompanied by real life stories, on managing different aspects of everyday life that can affect energy and they show how to put this advice into practice. They understand the way fatigue affects concentration and therefore break their guidance into easy-to-follow steps that can be worked through at the reader's own pace. Unlike other available books, this does not cover causes, symptoms or the controversy around whether the condition is 'real'. Looking in detail purely at how to get better, it is for patients who have been diagnosed with CFS/ME and for their carers. It is also highly relevant to health professionals wanting to provide their patients with self-help strategies that are compatible with the current evidence base. Anyone suffering ongoing, abnormal fatigue will likewise find it a 'must read'.
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Hammersmith Health Books
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    It is very easy to take a deep breath in, but this can often make your muscles feel tenser if you are not doing it in the correct way. It can also make you feel dizzy. Therefore, the most important element of this breathing technique is concentrating on letting your stomach relax. This allows your diaphragm to drop down into your abdomen and therefore allow your chest to expand fully
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    s. Christopher Columbus found it difficult to recruit sailors on his ships to travel to the Americas, as the sailors still held the belief that they would fall off the earth. Even though he could demonstrate that the world was round through scientific evidence they found it hard to believe. Only when people returned from their voyages could they start to shift the way they had thought about the world. This same principle applies to everyday thoughts. We have a tendency to go back to our well worn patterns of thinking, particularly when we are under stress
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    Are you doing it correctly?

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