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Get Agile: Scrum for UX, Design & Development

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Scrum is a project management method that dissolves boundaries and distributes responsibilities which in other methods have been protected for years. It is a radically different way of working: as many activities as possible take place at the same time, in the same room. Scrum is fast and delivers very high product quality at the same time. The book is a manual. It is aimed at everyone who works on interactive products in a design & development environment. It contains all of the basic information required for getting started with Scrum, but also offers a number of in-depth chapters looking at topics which even the most experienced Scrummers have trouble with on a daily basis. If you are experienced, you will find the advanced tips and tricks useful. If you are just considering Scrum, this book will most certainly get you enthusiastic!
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    Don’t plan to work on the product right up until the last minute before the demo. Unexpected things always seem to happen on the last day: Adobe Fireworks keeps crashing; Google Chrome isn’t installed on the demo computer. Anticipate these things by making sure you have a working, demo-ready product, well before the review starts. In other words, have a “Code Freeze” and stick to it. Spend the last hour cleaning the place up and getting everything ready for the stakeholder’s arrival
    Mikhail Chesnokovцитує7 років тому
    A good practice is to come up with three different versions, or “flavors”, of a story solution: solutions that may differ in complexity. We call them “light”, “medium”, and “deluxe”. The light version is the most minimal solution you can think of. As simple as using the CMS for example, which requires no programming at all. It may not be the best or most elegant solution, but it’s better than nothing. The deluxe version is the ideal solution: it’s the most usable for the end user and/or the most technically sustainable. The medium version, you might have guessed, sits somewhere in between.
    Mikhail Chesnokovцитує7 років тому
    Ask each team member to put a random object (like a poker card or pen) on the last story they think they will be able to complete in this sprint (according to the Definition of Done). Everyone does this at the same time, so as not to influence each other. It will then become clear how many stories the team thinks it will be able to achieve in the sprint.
    ♦ Ask the PO if this is acceptable. If not, challenge the team to think of ways to do more in the sprint. This is a very important step. Are there any redundant tasks? Can we think of smarter solutions? Can we swap large stories for smaller stories?
    ♦ Ask the team to commit to the sprint backlog.

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