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Agile Project Management Methodology for Beginners: Scrum Project Management for Beginners

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The older rigid traditional models of delivering changes has been replaced with an agile way of delivering changes. The world of apps, and internet driven economy means that any change has to be delivered almost overnight with no scope for delays and the consumer wants things almost immediately.

Agile provides that project management methodology to help you get the results immediately.
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    Each team member typically has a special area of expertise that he or she brings to the team. However, each specialist is expected to work outside of that specialty and contribute to the team effort, as well as collaborating freely at all times.
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    the product owner is the only person who can order work done or change the priority of work done. This division of authority allows the other players to focus on producing deliverables without concerning themselves with the variables of ROI.
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    - Kanban: a lean development process pioneered by Toyota in the 1940s to support just in time (JIT) manufacturing

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