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It Product Life Cycle Management

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Economic developments during the past 5 years has forced organizations streamline technology processes to reduce operational costs. At the same time organizations have higher expectations of IT system reliability and availability. This book defines the processes that must be in place for IT products to achieve these business requirements. The book also provides useful information for internal auditors and IT and business professionals who wish to learn more about the processes and product management structure in IT departments.

Topics discussed include
Product release and deployment
Capacity planning
Event monitoring and problem resolution
Corporate governance requirements
Business continuity
Configuration and asset management
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    Problem metrics for a product should also be examined from a cost perspective. For instance, what is the cost of resolving a product issue in terms of staff hours? How much will it cost over the period of a month or a quarter? By doing this analysis, IT management can examine the value of the product from a problem-cost perspective.

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