Tiffany Adams

Productivity Plan

The never-ending lie you keep telling yourself that will lead to your ultimate demise…

You glance over at the stack of open envelopes whispering your name at the side of your desk, wrinkling your nose and wincing just at the thought of having to deal with paying the bills.

Not right now, I can’t focus on that.
I’ll do it by the end of today, after my lunch break.

Lunch break goes by, no bills have been paid yet. Then, dinner. Still no paid bills.

The sunlight floods your room and the birds sing you their good morning song as you stretch your arms above your head and smile at the thought of it being the weekend. No alarms to be woken up by, you can finally enjoy a nice breakfast at your own leisurely pace, and plans can be made according to your wishes.

Suddenly, all those feelings of peace drain from your body. The bills! I should have paid those last week! The smile disappears from your face and all you are left with is the feeling of shame and disappointment.

Why do I keep doing this to myself? You may continue to ask yourself every time a scenario like this plays out.

These situations are all too common, yet many people neglect to address the issue at hand and simply allow others to label them as “lazy.”

There comes a point in life where you need to take responsibility for your bad habits and make the effort to change it for your own well-being and, well, sanity. That point in your life is right now.

In Productivity Plan, you will discover:

— The #1 reason why you can’t seem to kick your bad habit out of the picture

— An easy-to-follow 31-day plan designed to help you overcome procrastination once and for all

— The main factor to keep in mind when implementing change in your lifestyle

— The top strategies that will specifically help you become a more productive individual

— Prompts and activities to help you uncover the secret behind why you do what you do

— How modern technology plays a much larger role in procrastination than you may have expected

— The dangers that procrastination pose to your health if not properly addressed in time

And much more.

Even if you’re notorious for being that person who always gets things done at a later time, putting it off until you have no more excuses left to use, you are capable of changing your habits. No one is unable to change, not even you, no matter how long your habits have persisted.

And if you think being a perpetual procrastinator isn’t a big deal, that it’s just a harmless personality trait, think again. In the end, it will ruin your life.

From Dalai Lama himself come the wise words, “You must not procrastinate. Rather you should make preparations so that even if you die tonight, you would have no regrets.”

No one wants to live a life full of regrets and feelings of failure, so why should you?

Do your future self a favor, and squash that bad habit of procrastinating like a bug.

If you are tired of feeling inefficient and hopeless and finally want to live a life where productivity comes as second nature to you, then check out this guidebook right now.
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Tiffany Adams
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