Gregg Rainer

Powerful Questions for Business Success: The Right Questions for Business Survival and Profitability

Many entrepreneurs start out with lots of passion and enthusiasm in their business but get burnt out after suffering a few bumps and bruises along the way. Some may even quit eventually. Others may become too entrenched in the day-to-day operations of the business that they degenerate from an energetic entrepreneur into an overworked and confused workhorse, doomed for failure.
The key to keep the fire burning and sustaining your business is to remember to take stock of your actions and progress during the journey.
One of the ways to do so is to ask the right questions on various aspects of the business because questions are the answers.
Asking the right questions gets you into the thinking mode, gives clarity to your thoughts and helps you to stay focused. Clarity of thoughts also enables you to be more effective. With a sense of awareness, you are better to adapt and change to survive.
This book contains more than 230 smart questions on 12 important areas in a business operation that an entrepreneur must ask to stay on track and be successful. The areas covered are:
1) You, The Boss
2) Your Business Plan, Vision and Mission
3) Sell More Earn More
4) The Magic of Marketing
5) Know Your Customers
6) Hire or Fire
7) Know Your Competitors
8) Cash Is King
9) Costs Kill
10) Change, Innovate or Die
11) Problem Solving
12) Grow Bigger and Wiser
Running a business is like sailing a ship. As a business owner, you are the captain of your ship. Your role is to sail your business to greater heights and profits.
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