Natasha Terk

Effective Email: Concise, Clear Writing to Advance Your Business Needs

In today's fast-paced, competitive business environment, we all need to communicate clearly and use our time productively. Even seasoned writers will find tips, tools, and ideas in this book that can improve the quality – and reduce the quantity – of email in the workplace.

This book will help you write concise, clear emails that advance your business needs:

• Explore how social media is and is not a helpful guide for business email
• Use email to improve project management as a team leader or team member
• Adapt email for mobile devices and keeping attachments user-friendly
• Save everyone time with concise, clear language
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    This book is easy for comprehension, provides simple advices and is suitable for young professionals.


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    apply right away to whatever kinds of email you send at work.
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    What are they trying to say?
    Don’t they know I’m drowning in email?

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