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Harvard Business Review

How to Sell More

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Over the last decade, technology has dramatically changed the role of salespeople at companies of all sizes. But one crucial fact remains: Sales is the most vital function of every business. In How to Sell More, the editors of Harvard Business Review have gathered advice from some of the world’s top business professors, consultants, trainers, and sales managers. In these collected essays, you’ll learn how to:• Effectively recruit, train, manage, and support these key employees• Use smart pricing, promotions, and incentives to make your sales team more successful• Avoid the biggest mistakes entrepreneurs make when pursuing their first sales• Master the daily challenges of selling, from planning a sales call to handling a potential customer’s toughest questionsMore than most workers, salespeople perform in a field where success is easily measured: How much did you sell today, this week, this quarter? If you’re looking for ways to bump up those numbers, this book offers you valuable insights and practical tools. HBR Singles provide brief yet potent business ideas, in digital form, for today's thinking professional.
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    the best sales leaders are hunting for trends.
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    Here’s a non-intuitive secret: Your next level of new revenue may come from renewals, add-ons, and up-sells.
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    wrapped our support around them

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