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Michael Schur



To make it a little less overwhelming, this book hopes to boil down the whole confusing morass into four simple questions that we can ask ourselves whenever we encounter any ethical dilemma, great or small:
What are we doing?
Why are we doing it?
Is there something we could do that’s better?
Why is it better?
quick glance around will reveal a ton of people who have clearly decided they don’t care about being ethical, so they’re not really trying. Part of me doesn’t entirely blame them, because attempting to be a decent moral agent in the universe—a fancy way of saying “trying to do the right thing”—means we are bound to fail. Even making our best efforts to be good people, we’re gonna screw up.
All of which can make caring about what we do—or in the modern parlance, “giving a crap”—seem pointless


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    Michael Schur
    How to Be Perfect
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