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Ali Abidцитує9 днів тому
Still, reading important books is not enough. I am still left with the ominous emotions of guilt and shame, dissuading me from connecting dots and embracing contradictions, not just intellectually but emotionally.
Ali Abidцитує9 днів тому
The civil rights movement was divisive. Some people pushed for change and other people pushed back hard. Without the divisive times in our country’s history, we would still be “united” in slavery and segregation. Divisiveness is not always bad.
Ali Abidцитує9 днів тому
“I didn’t have to unlearn it,” explains Michael. He can pinpoint the costs of not unlearning. “People don’t see why things are the way they are. So they don’t understand. If you don’t know the history of redlining, if you don’t know the history of segregation, if you don’t know the history of how schools are funded, then you’re more susceptible to those notions of white supremacy where black people are not as smart or don’t work as hard because you don’t know your history.”
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