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Reed Hastings



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For top performers, a great workplace isn’t about a lavish office, a beautiful gym, or a free sushi lunch. It’s about the joy of being surrounded by people who are both talented and collaborative. People who can help you be better.
Nadia Zelenkovaцитує2 роки тому
first found that, even when other team members were exceptionally talented and intelligent, one individual’s bad behavior brought down the effectiveness of the entire team
Nadia Zelenkovaцитує2 роки тому
Our number one goal, moving forward, would be to do everything we could to retain the post-layoff talent density and all the great things that came with it. We would hire the very best employees and pay at the top of the market. We would coach our managers to have the courage and discipline to get rid of any employees who were displaying undesirable behaviors or weren’t performing at exemplary levels. I became laser-focused on making sure Netflix was staffed, from the receptionist to the top executive team, with the highest-performing, most collaborative employees on the market.
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